January 30, 2019

Our Favorite Local Coffee Shops in Atlanta

“Science may never come up with a better office communication system than the coffee break.” – Earl Wilson

For a company that begins each day with a big ol’ pot of coffee, we couldn’t agree more with the late World Series champion. Being a highly-collaborative team, we love bonding over our strong coffee culture in the office (we usually brew two to three pots of coffee throughout the day).

Research also shows that changing up your work environment boosts productivity – which is why on Remote Fridays, you can often find us stationed at one of Atlanta’s local coffee shops.

Gearing up for a productive and caffeinated workday?

Check out this list from the coffee enthusiasts at Vehicle Media:

Dulce Vegan

“It’s far away from where I live but so worth the trek. I enjoy everything about this coffee shop mainly because it’s both delicious and vegan – meaning I can eat things like scones, cupcakes and biscuits (all things that I can’t eat hardly anywhere else because of my dairy allergy). Now that I have Jude, too, he comes along and sits outside with me. This is my happy place!”

– Leah, Partner + Creative Director

Brother Moto

“Leather couches, vintage bikes, inventive drinks and a wall of windows looking into a co-op garage – what’s not to love? When you walk in, you’re hit with all the best smells – gas, rubber, and coffee! As someone who grew up around folks rebuilding cars and bikes, Brother Moto’s smells and sights feel comfy and nostalgic.”

– Tracy, Marketing Project Coordinator

East Pole

“This coffee shop is really fun to people watch in. The first refill is free, and they’re always playing good music. I hate working in total silence, so I really dig the perfect combination of quiet and noisy. There’s ample parking, and Fox Bros. BBQ Que-osk is right down the road so you know I’m stopping there for a lunch break!”

– Danny, VP of Business Development

San Francisco Coffee Roasting Company

“Easily the best coffee in town. It’s walking distance from my house and has all the necessities: cozy vibes, friendly staff and great coffee. I go there so often that I know all the baristas by name!”

– Jade, Graphic Designer

Alon’s Bakery

“This cafe has the yummiest sandwiches, I love the laid-back environment here and it’s a close walk from my place. Alon’s has a variety of coffee, gourmet cheeses, breads, prepared foods, etc. – so there’s a lot to choose from. It’s also a great place to stop during my walks with my pup, Tate!”

– KC, Project Manager

Cafe Intermezzo

“From the moment you step inside, you feel like you’ve just come out of a time machine and into 1800’s Austria. Inspired by ancient European coffee houses, I’m in love with this eccentric place! I’m a total nerd about Europe, so being here really gets my creative juices flowing. With an extensive menu of specialty coffee, huge variety of cakes, classical European aesthetics, gorgeous chandeliers and romantic atmosphere – I could spend my whole day stuck in this era.”

– Mashia, Assistant Marketing Coordinator

Dancing Goats (Ponce City Market Location)

“When it comes to caffeinated concoctions, Dancing Goats has the best dirty chai lattes in town (and I would know since I test them everywhere I go and DG is the winner, hands down). They’ve also got a great outdoor screened-in patio with swinging benches, a calming waterfall, and plenty of comfy seats for good people watching. It’s just across the street from where I live, right off the Beltline, and to top it all off they’re dog-friendly – so I’m able to bring my doggo with me!”

– Kristen, Marketing Strategist

Chattahoochee Coffee Company

“My favorite part about this coffee shop is that there’s always enough seating for me and my laptop. A spacious environment with relaxing vibes, indie acoustic music, fancy cappuccinos, and the Wi-Fi never fails you!”

– Erin, Developer


“When it comes to the local cafe scene in Atlanta, I’m pretty hard to disappoint! But I will say Brash has some of the best coffee I’ve tasted in town. Located in a small shipping container, it’s easy to miss this little gem. Not to mention, only a two-minute drive from the office!”

– Katherine, Marketing Coordinator

Bread & Butterfly

“A lovely little breakfast place with French-inspired vibes, located in Inman Park. The environment is classy and elegant. Their tea, coffee, and French pastries are amazing. My usual order is an almond croissant and latte!”

– Yinan, Visual + Interactive Designer

Revelator Coffee Company

“From a business owner’s perspective, I really respect this coffee shop. They went from a small boutique coffee shop in Birmingham to purchasing all the Octanes in Atlanta – that’s pretty impressive in my book. Personally, though, I’m more of a green tea type of guy – but when I do drink coffee, it’s pressed from the comfort of my own home.”

– Paul, Principal

There you have it, folks – the Vehicle Media team’s favorite local coffee shops in Atlanta and why we love them!