August 17, 2017

Influencers, Trends, & The Periodic Table of SEO

VM Weekly Roundup #thisweekineverything

Welcome to our industry news roundup, where the rubber meets the roadmap.

Marketing Moguls:

Online Marketing Influencers to Keep Your Eyes On

Forbes rounds up a list of 17 top-level marketing influencers to keep in your sightlines for inspiration and ideas. If you’re marketing nerds like us, you’ll be no stranger to names like Gary Vaynerchuk, Neil Patel, and Tim Ferriss, but you’re likely to find a few new bookmarks here no matter how plugged in you are.

10 Second Tip: Whether you’re looking for specifics on how a master handled a problem just like yours, or just needing some extra links for your inspiration file, you’re likely to find what you need in this list.

Test Drive: A lot of these influencers are also well-known authors in the business development niche–grab a few for the office, and you just might find an icebreaker to use with management or a new client to pitch your next big idea.

Digital Trends:

2017 Internet Trends Report

Venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers puts out an annual “Internet Trends” report that’s highly anticipated by those who live and breathe all things digital each year. 2017’s trend report was unveiled at this year’s Code Conference in California, and all 355 slides of it are available for your perusal.

10 Second Tip: If you’re really interested, it’s worth blocking off an afternoon to really dig into this research and get the birds-eye view of what’s to come. Of most interest for digital marketing are stats about the rise of voice search, the continued dominance of mobile, and global digital trends.

Test Drive: If you take only one thing away from this, it should be the rising importance of voice search for SEO and overall digital marketing messaging. Start thinking about how your ads will be found by voice search, and think strategically about the way people are likely to speak to their devices when they need to find you.


Periodic Table of SEO Factors

The Periodic Table of Elements is one of the first infographic-like learning and memorization aids most of us come across in school, and Search Engine Land’s Periodic Table of SEO Factors aims to help us with the often-mystifying labyrinth of SEO factors. Popular in its first incarnation, this is Search Engine Land’s 4th update, and it includes recent SEO factor changes like the importance of content quality, mobile, and much more.

10 Second Tip: If SEO is important to you (and really, if you have a website, it should be important to you), this might be one to blow up and actually hang on the wall. Search Engine Land clearly spent a lot of time with the research here, and you could spend a lot of time just absorbing this stuff. If you’re a very visual person, this is probably better than reading a dozen how-to articles

Test Drive: Like the Periodic Table, SEO isn’t something you’re likely to get a handle on a glance, and there’s no unchanging magic bullet to implement. But if you can wrap your head around the basics of user-focused quality content, HTML titles, and the importance of architecture crawl, you’ll be in good shape.