September 11, 2018

Remote Friday Norms of the Vehicle Media Team

At Vehicle Media, we keep a calm and culture-friendly atmosphere. Our industrial office space fuels our creativity – with the help of lots of coffee, of course! Unity is a key part of our company culture; our collective friendship and sense of humor keep our work days flowing smoothly. We also enjoy our Remote Fridays, when we are free to choose and create our own personal environments for work. Discover how each of our employees chooses to spend their Remote Fridays every week.

Paul keeps it practical and prefers his remote Friday in the office. “Paul’s playhouse” is characterized by our empty office, complete with calm silence and the smell of coffee for optimal productivity.

Leah throws on some comfy yoga pants and a t-shirt for her scenic workday at home. Sitting on her otherworldly-like front porch, she pairs chirping birds with classical music or T Hardy Morris for her optimal work efficiency. Though, outside machinery or unpromising weather prompts her to migrate indoors where she enjoys plenty of sunlight and snacks- judgement free.

Boyd’s Remote Friday= Joey Freshwater’s Remote Friday. The classic man-and-dog duo lounge on the couch, the man chugging coffee and the dog sleeping soundly with acoustic covers, compliments of Pandora.

Danny’s workspace of choice is the Dancing Goats Coffee shop near Ponce City Market – yeah, the one with the chair swings and waterfalls. He enjoys the “New Music Friday” Spotify playlist in his athleisure attire to stay alert in such a serene treat of an environment.

Katherine takes full advantage of all the extra space she has outside of the office – and inside her XXXL t-shirt. After her pot of coffee is brewed and her choice of comedy is set up for background noise, she gets to work on what she does best. All part of her “creative genius,” Katherine generates fabulous social calendars, blog posts, and graphics until “beer-thirty” rolls around and her weekend truly begins.

Jade gets her creative thoughts flowing in the summer with a cup of iced coffee and some Vitamin D on her back porch. If the sun takes a day off, it’s a marshmallow couch kind of day, though pajamas are a must in any sort of weather.

Yinan prefers the quaint and comfortable environment of her home, complete with some fresh air and sunlight from a nearby window and some tunes. Her most work-efficient music choices include Debussy’s piano pieces and some hip-hop to keep her alert.

KC enjoys her tranquil apartment she shares with her dog, who is often confused at her all-day presence on Fridays. Her choice of sound waves come from her Netflix binges, and in between her work and calls she makes her best attempts at adulting around the house.

Dave is all about community and uses his remote Fridays to make the most effort in giving back. His post of choice is a locally owned and organic-based coffee shop, where he begins his work day. At lunchtime, he continues his
generous efforts by purchasing an extra sandwich to share with someone who otherwise wouldn’t have had the chance to eat. Dave closes out his day at the library, staying connected with work while reading books on fatherhood and partnership.


John keeps it pretty professional, even at home. Working from his home office, he chooses comfy attire and is often surrounded by his lovely pets. His choice of tunes ranges from classical (Bach) for optimal focus, to electronic (Zero 7, Nightmares on Wax) for alertness and efficiency.

The personality amongst our VM team makes our workspace just as fun as it is professional. To find out more about our individual staff members, check out our about page at